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Please choose the most appropriate sense of the word president in the following contexts.


Text: Ms. House is vice president of Dow Jones International Group .
Sense: '1. president, chair, chairperson, chairman, chairwoman, prexy -- (the executive officer of a firm, corporation, or university).

Text: Hungary 's Parliament voted to hold a national referendum on an election to fill the new post of president .
Sense: '2. head of a country (other than the U.S.) -- (the chief executive of a republic)'.

Text: The compromise proposal , ending a long impasse between Democrats and the president , would boost the minimum wage to $ 4.25 an hour by April 1991 from $ 3.35 now .
Sense: '3. head of the U.S., President of the United States, United States President, President, Chief Executive -- (the person who holds the office of head of state of the United States government)'.


Polls show wide , generalized support for some vague concept of service , but the bill now under discussion lacks any passionate public backing . Nonetheless , Senate Democrats are organizing a roll of supporting `` associations , '' `` societies '' and `` councils , '' some of which may hope to receive the paid `` volunteers . '' So far , the president seems ill-disposed to substitute any of the omnibus for his own free-standing proposal to endow a `` Points of Light '' foundation with $ 25 million to inform citizens of all ages and exhort them to genuine volunteerism . However , even this admirable plan could become objectionable if the White House gives in to congressional Democratic pressure to add to the scope of the president 's initiative or to involve the independent foundation in `` brokering '' federal funds for volunteer projects . There 's no need for such concessions .


Drug Emporium Inc. said Gary Wilber , 39 years old , who had been president and chief operating officer for the past year , was named chief executive officer of this drugstore chain . He succeeds his father , Philip T. Wilber , who founded the company and remains chairman . Robert E. Lyons III , 39 , who headed the company 's Philadelphia region , was appointed president and chief operating officer , succeeding Gary Wilber .

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